Why waste thousands of dollars on traditional book publishing when you can self-publish for LESS! Thousands of people are publishing their own books and selling them on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. WHY NOT YOU? In my AUTHORSHIP course, I walk you through the secrets to book publishing that traditional publishers don't want you to know.

  • • Virtual Course The Ultimate guide designed to assist you with becoming a published author.

  • • Design Suite Full access to downloadable Book Outlining tools, Checklists, Cover Creation Templates, and more.

  • • Strategic Book Planner Prioritize and organize your content by following the system generated tasks and milestones to ensure the successful completion of your book.

  • • Free Live Book Coaching Call Speak to a Book Coach and create a customized plan for your book launch.


Author Coach

Mari Benning

Mari Benning, wife, mother of four children and a dog, began her love of writing in elementary school where she expressed herself through journaling, songwriting, poems, and short stories, a gift encouraged by her mother. But her love of writing soon came to a halt when her works were no longer viewed as a release of creative expression but a heap of condemning confessions.  She burned her writings vowing to never again compose another sentence.  After years of soul searching she found herself penning again.  Now gleaming with light, she posts her writings in the hallways of darkness as rays of hope to free others who long to break free.